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Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Austin Healey 100 power illustration.

Maintain your electrical systems with our range of Austin Healey batteries, starters, alternators and original body-type dynamos.

We offer to exchange some parts where you receive a refurbished unit and you send us your old one. The surcharge applied at purchase is refunded to you when we receive your old unit in a state that is suitable for reconditioning.

Uprated Batteries

Austin Healey 6-volt battery.

These classic looking Austin Healey rubber cased batteries are uprated to last longer and give better output.


Austin Healey 6-Volt Battery
Application: BN1, BN2 - BN6 & BN7

These batteries are sold dry so they can be shipped to you safely. Before first use, the battery must be filled with 1270 gravity acid and charged for no less than 5 hours on a 4-5 amp trickle charger.

Austin Healey 12-volt battery.


Austin Healey 12-Volt Battery
Application: BN4, BT7 - BJ7 & BJ8

Starter Motors

Austin Healey starter motor.

Exchange your old starter motor with a refurbished unit or purchase an original type Austin Healey starter motor outright. (Limited availability).


£150 Surcharge
Application: BN1 - BJ8


Limited Availability
Application: BN1 - BJ8

Austin Healey gear reduction starter motor.

High performance Austin Healey gear reduction starter to replace the original Lucas starters. This improved starter will prevent you from draining the battery, which will make starting your car much easier.

Once painted green with our engine paint ENG810 or ENG815, you will not notice it's there! Installation requires no modification to the vehicle apart from small wiring changes.


Standard Ring Gear
Application: BN1 - BJ8

Alternator - Original Type Dynamo Body

Austin Healey alternator.

These high performance 50amp Austin Healey alternators are housed in the original style dynamo bodies and supplied complete with full fitting instructions.

Ideal if you want the performance and reliability of an alternator without losing the original appearance plus the advantage of reducing the weight by approximately 4kg (8.8lbs).


Positive Earth
Application: BN1 - BJ7


Negative Earth
Application: BN1 - BJ7


Positive Earth
Application: BJ8


Negative Earth
Application: BJ8

Austin Healey complete 45amp alternator kit.

Our Austin Healey 45-amp alternator conversion is a complete kit!

The kit includes the lightweight aluminium mounting bracket, fan belts, cooling fan, pulleys, 45-amp alternator and all the necessary fittings and detailed installation instructions. Included are a choice of pulleys and fan belts so the same kit will work for original Healeys, plus Healeys fitted with the narrow fan belt conversion kit.

This upgrade is a must for the Healey owner wishing to build a rally car or up-rate their standard Healey to fit extra lights, electric cooling fan or a music or security system etc.

For right-hand-drive Healeys, the adjusting strap (Part: ELG265) may also be required to avoid the steering column.

Recommend using with ELG267 or ELG268 Dummy control box.

The engine will need to be converted to Negative Earth to fit this alternator.


Negative Earth
Application: BN1 - BN2


Negative Earth
Application: BN4 - BJ8

Refurbished Dynamo

Austin Healey refurbished dynamo.

Refurbished Austin Healey dynamo, professionally rebuilt using new high-quality components. Send your old unit when you place your order. Limited availability.


Exchange Part
£150 Surcharge
Application: BN1 - BJ7


Exchange Part
£150 Surcharge
Application: BJ8


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