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The Perfect Accessory - Hand Made Leather Tool Bags

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Hand-made leather tool bag with high quality automotive tools.

The Perfect Accessory for the Austin Healey Restorer

Every Healey owner knows that keeping your car on the road may take some extra care and maintenance beyond that of the modern automobile, (part of the charm of owning a classic car.)

The Tools Section on our website lists a wide variety of tools from basic wrenches and hammers to jacks and engine stands.

But for a lot of these, you're going to want to keep them safely stored away when you're not using them. Sure, you could get a reasonably decent toolbox from a hardware store but if you want style, why not buy one of our hand-made leather tool bags?

Hand-made leather tool roll | MSC124

MSC124: Tool Roll

Our leather tool bags are hand-made in our trim shop by our skilled machinists who also produce our Austin Healey upholstery and trim!

Hand-made leather tool bag | MSC124A

MSC124A: Tool Bag

We have a variety of different sized leather tool bags so there is something for everyone, regardless if you are an owner undertaking basic automotive maintainence or into a full Austin Healey restoration!

Hand-made large leather jack bag | MSC126

MSC126 | Large Jack Bag - Original Type

These leather tool bags make a great gift for a friend or loved one for any special occasion, (especially if they are prone to leaving their tools lying about the place!)

Hand-made small leather jack bag | MSC126

MSC127 | Small Jack Bag

Hand-made small leather jack handle bag | MSC128

MSC128 | Small Jack Handle Bag

It's not only style that makes these tool bags a great choice but practicality! For example, you can store your jack, spanner and hammer neatly in the boot of your Healey for that potential road-side tyre-change, and it won't take up as much space as a modern plastic toolbox.

Hand-made large leather jack handle bag | MSC128

MSC129 | Large Jack Handle Bag

If you want something really stylish, there is always our very nice thick leather brown retro classic tool bag!

Retro classic leather tool bag | ACC370

ACC370 | Retro Classic Leather Tool Bag


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