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Open All Hours - Urgent Late Night Fix in Time for Charity Event

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40

Steve Ormerod at A H Spares, fitting his replacement fuel pump.

Open All Hours!

The Healey world never sleeps!

On 18th September, Steve Ormerod was in a bit of a fix when the brand new fuel pump he installed in his Austin Healey 3000 failed! Not ideal at the best of times when a new part turns out to be faulty but the timing couldn't be worse as Steve was due to appear at a charity event to give rides to disabled children.

However, thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Julie Purbrick in Sales and help from our Director, Jonathan Hill who was working late, Steve was able to fit a replacement fuel pump with time to spare!

Don't take our word for it, Steve very kindly sent us a delightful thank you letter this morning.

Steve Ormerod driving his Austin Healey 3000

On 18th September I had my only new and just fitted SU fuel pump fail. I was 25 miles from home in Cumbria, but on my way to a charity event where, along with other members of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, I was taking life-limited and disabled children and their families for rides around the Donnington Park Heritage Loop.

The RAC were on call, but could I obtain a new pump that they could take me to that day? Burwens had one but were unable to help in tracking one down further north than Salisbury. Nor did any of the Healey repair specialists in the north have one in stock.

Steve Ormerod driving his Austin Healey 3000


Austin-Healey Double SU Petrol Pump - Dual Polarity
Application: BN4.60414 - BJ8
£229.00 ex. VAT
£274.80 inc. VAT

You guys did, but the likelihood of getting piggy backed to Southam, (170 miles away,) before closing time was remote. But between us a plan was hatched. I suggested whether the new pump could be left at a local pub, but Julie had a better idea and a pump could be left hidden outside at the A.H. Spares unit.

The RAC got me south and we eventually arrived at 9pm, I retrieved the pump, easily found as described and confirmed it was the correct one before offloading the car into the car park. Thank you, Julie.

This action appeared to confuse Jon who was working late. He was just leaving but popped over to query why an old 3000 was being dumped in his car park. I explained and stated I would only be about 15 minutes, just the time needed to fit the new pump.

But an explanation was not enough for Jon and he insisted that he opened up the workshop and then helped push the car in allowing a simpler swap in decent light. 15 minutes later one 3000 was back to full fettle. I was able then to return an hour or so north to my overnight stop with friends close to Donnington Park.

But more importantly was the next morning able to get to the track at 08:30 in plenty of time for the charity families day rides. So thank you Jon for the help.

Steve Ormerod driving his Austin Healey 3000


Austin-Healey Electronic Double SU Petrol Pump - Negative Earth
Application: BN4.60414 - BJ8
£229.50 ex. VAT
£275.40 inc. VAT

Something in the region of 80 families were able to enjoy a family day together on the track in cars ranging from Lola T70 Spyder, Chevy Camaro LT1, Lotus Exige, AC Cobra and Lamborghini Huracán to Jaguar SS100 and of course an Austin Healey 3000 MKIII.

I said I'd send a photo from the day and have attached one of a family about to go out and a second of the new pump working so well it was able to keep 1500 bhp at bay.

Steve Ormerod in his Austin Healey 3000 with a family

None of this could have been done without the help of the RAC, (allowing a single recovery anywhere in the country,) and yourselves for going the extra miles to supply and then help fit parts well beyond closing time. Thank you all again.

Steve Ormerod


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