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Miracle Repair: Austin Healey 100 Saved!

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Blown head gasket in Bill's Healey 100

Expert Solution: Northeast Ohio Austin Healey Club Members Get a Replacement Head Gasket from A H Spares

Conclave 2023 nearly didn't happen for Bill Incorvia and Mike Wildermuth when the head gasket blew in their Austin Healey 100! However, they were in luck as A H Spares came to the rescue with a replacement head gasket for their Healey 100. After being fitted, the car was back in action and running great. Read on to learn more about this success story and the expert solution provided by A H Spares.

The Problem: Blown Head Gasket in Bill's Healey 100

On the long journey to the Conclave, Bill's Healey 100 blew its head gasket and put the attendance as well as the return journey into uncertainty

A blown head gasket can be a serious issue for any vehicle, but especially for a classic car like an Austin Healey 100. Without a properly functioning cylinder head gasket, the engine cannot run efficiently, which can cause further damage to the car.

Thankfully, A H Spares was able to provide a solution for Bill and Mike from the Northeast Ohio Austin Healey Club.

Bill and Jon with the Austin Healey 100 steel competition head gasket

A H Spares to the Rescue!

Fortunately, we had brought one of our ENG401C gaskets made of multiple layers of steel to showcase at Conclave 2023. We didn't expect to have to use any of our display items, but when Bill explained his situation, we understood that we had to help him.

Bill and Jon with the Austin Healey 100 steel competition head gasket

The Solution: ENG401C Multi Layered Steel Gasket

When Bill Incorvia's Healey 100 blew its head gasket, A H Spares was there to save the day with their quality Austin Healey parts. We provided the perfect solution to the problem - the ENG401C Multi-Layered Steel Gasket.

Made from high-grade 301 stainless steel full hard material, these gaskets are top-of-the-line. Each layer is individually formed using a state-of-the-art laser cutting and embossment process. To ensure uniform coverage of the outer layers and provide a micro seal of engine coolant/oil fluids, a proprietary two-part polymer coating is applied after the stress-relieving process. This guarantees that the gasket will work efficiently and effectively for years to come

Thanks to A H Spares' expert knowledge and dedication to providing quality Austin Healey parts, the ENG401C Multi-Layered Steel Gasket was the perfect solution to Bill's blown head gasket.

Bill and Mike fitting the head gasket to Bill's Austin Healey 100

Fitting the Gasket and Getting the Car Running Again

After we parted with the gasket, Bill Incorvia and Mike Wildermuth got straight to work on fitting it to Bill's Healey 100. It took some time, but the guys eventually got the gasket in place and tightened everything up.

Once the job was done, it was time to fire up the Healey and see if the new gasket did the trick. To their relief, the car started right up and is still running great!

It was clear that the high-quality parts from A H Spares had done the job they were designed to do. Bill and Mike were happy to have found a company that not only provided top-notch parts, but also went out of their way to help them out in a time of need.

In the end, the experience served as a testament to the importance of quality parts and expert advice. A H Spares had proven their worth as a reliable supplier of parts for the Healey 100, and Bill and Mike were thrilled to have their beloved car back up and running like new.

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