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Race Into The Night With Modified Valve Cover Racing at Conclave 2023!

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Valve Cover Racing at Conclave 2023

Fast and Furious: Valve Cover Racing takes the Stage at Conclave 2023

Wednesday night at Conclave 2023 was the place to be, where we experienced the exhilarating Valve Cover Racing hosted by Don Day. It was a competitive and thrilling night filled with enjoyment and enthusiasm, as people participated in a heated battle with modified engine valve covers.

What Is Valve Cover Racing?

Valve cover racing is a unique motorsport where racers use valve covers, typically found in engines, as their cars. These miniature cars race down a sloped track and compete for the fastest time. It's a thrilling competition that tests racers' creativity, engineering skills, and driving abilities.

At Conclave 2023, attendees got a chance to partake in this exciting sport at the Sports Car Art event hosted by Don Day. The event brought together attendees of Conclave 2023 for a night of high-speed fun. With the energy in the room palpable, everyone was eager to see the racers' creations and cheer them on to the finish line.

Valve cover racing 4-cylinder rocker cover class

Sponsored by A H Spares

Don Day was the coordinator of the Valve Cover Race, a competition that comprised two categories: 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder valve covers. His 1967 Austin Healey BJ8 6-cylinder valve cover was adorned with a multitude of stickers bearing the renowned A H Spares logo, much like the branding that would be present on a Formula 1 car - making it clear who we were rooting for.

Austin Healey BJ8 6-cylinder rocker cover with A H Spares branding

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