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No Corrosion! Steel Panels and Parts

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40

Austin Healey steel boot lid.

Steel Boot Lid | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

Important Improvement! Steel Panels & Parts

Steel body panels and parts are sturdy but the metal can quickly corrode if proper care isn't taken to protect them.

All our steel Austin Healey panels and parts are spray-painted in a flat matt-black at A H Panels, which not only makes the part look even better, it protects the steel against the elements that can cause rust.

Steel Austin Healey panels spray-painted black to protect against corrosion.

Austin Healey inner body panels receiving a coat of black paint at A H Panels.

Steel Austin Healey boot floor panel.

Steel Boot Floor Panel | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

This is particularly useful if you're restoring your Healey or if you are trade and the panels sit in your stores before being sold, the last thing you need is to worry about getting your car painted before the rust sets into your panels!

Steel Austin Healey main floor panel

Steel Main Floor Panel - Right Hand | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

Steel Austin Healey rear wing drying after painting.

Austin Healey rear wings drying at A H Panels after a coat of black spray paint.

Steel Austin Healey front wing.

Steel Front Wing - Right Hand | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

From vents and wings to petrol tanks and boot lids, you can be sure the steel parts you receive from us will be corrosion-free and ready to put onto your Healey.

Steel Austin Healey cross brace panel.

Steel Cross Brace Panel | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

Steel flange-to-gearbox panel | Right Hand

Steel Flange-to-Gearbox Panel - Right Hand | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8

Steel flange-to-gearbox panel | Left Hand.

Steel Flange-to-Gearbox Panel - Left Hand | Austin Healey BN4 - BJ8


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