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New Listings! Classic Austin Healey 3000 models and a Jensen-Healey For Sale!

Posted: Wednesday, 24 January 2024 @ 10:55

Fresh Arrivals

Discover a remarkable selection of classic Austin Healey and Jensen-Healey vehicles from sellers in France and the US that have just made their way into our Healeys for Sale page. Each classic model bears the prestigious history of its Marque and presents an outstanding opportunity for classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

For Sale - 1967 Big Healey, 3000 MK3, BJ8

1967 Big Healey, 3000 MK3, BJ8

First on the list is a breathtaking 1967 Big Healey 3000 MK3 with French plates and a unique left-hand drive. It features an immaculate full restoration completed in 2018.

If the history of your classic ride is just as important as its appearance, you'll be pleased to know that this beauty was originally exported to North America in 1966. Explore more about this model.

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For Sale - 1961 Big Healey, 3000 MK1, BT7

1961 Big Healey, 3000 MK1, BT7

Next, a beautifully maintained 1961 Big Healey 3000 MK1 is ready to catch your eye (Link here). This ride has been under our care for the last six years and is currently up for grabs for 49,000€. If convenience matters to you, we can help arrange transport as well.

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For Sale - 1974 Jensen-Healey Phase 2

1974 Jensen-Healey Phase 2

Our catalogue of Healeys for sale has also been graced with the presence of a striking 1974 Jensen-Healey Phase 2 model. Don't miss out on exploring more about this splendid classic.

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For Sale - 1960 Big Healey, 3000 MK1, BN7

1960 Big Healey, 3000 MK1, BN7

Lastly, we have another gem from the past - the 1960 Big Healey 3000 MK1. A model that embodies classic elegance and undeniable style, this car will not fail to turn heads.

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Don't Hesitate

These classic beauties won't stay long! Unveil the full story of each classic ride and, if it piques your interest, contact the seller directly for the possibility of making one of these stunning vehicles your own.

How to List Your Healey

Listing your Healey on A H Spares is a breeze. Simply visit our dedicated Healeys for Sale page and follow the easy steps to create a captivating listing. Upload high-quality images, provide detailed specifications, and let the charm of your Healey shine through.

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