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New Arrival Alert: Classic Austin Healey and Sprite MK2 Cars for Sale

Posted: Monday, 22 April 2024 @ 14:45

Classic Elegance, Timeless Excitement: New Austin Healey and Sprite Listings Await!

We are thrilled to introduce four magnificent Healey models that have joined our 'Healeys for Sale' page at A H Spares. These pristine classics are more than cars; they're time capsules, ready to whisk you away on a journey through automotive history. Let's explore these classic beauties together, and who knows? You might just find your dream car waiting for you.

1957 Big Healey, 100-Six, BN4

1. The Sophisticated 1957 Big Healey 100-Six

Location: United Kingdom, Amberley

The 1957 Big Healey 100-Six is a testament to the enduring beauty and performance that classic car enthusiasts revere. This model is an icon of its era, offering the perfect blend of elegance and power. As you gaze upon its sleek lines and classic design, you'll be transported back to a time when driving was not just about getting from one place to another; it was an experience. Interested in learning more? This classic could be the crown jewel of your collection.

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1962 Sprite Mk2

2. The Iconic 1962 Sprite

Location: United Kingdom, Arundel

Next on our list is the charming and very original 1962 Sprite, a delightful model that retains its historical integrity down to the minutest details. Sporting its original trim, with the only exception being the carpets, and complemented by an immaculate navy soft top and tonneau cover, this Sprite is a 'time warp' example of automotive history. The opportunity to own such a well-preserved piece of the past is rare. Is this the classic you've been dreaming of?

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1959 Big Healey, 100-Six

3. The Sturdy 1959 Big Healey 100-Six

Location: United States, Largo, Florida

Revamped and revitalised, the 1959 Big Healey 100-Six is a powerhouse wrapped in the classic elegance of yesteryears. With updates including disc brakes, an alternator with a negative ground, and a major engine rebuild, this Healey combines the reliability of modern engineering with the soulful charm of a vintage vehicle. New tyres and painted wire wheels add the perfect finishing touches to its appearance. Eager for more details on this blend of past and present? This car is calling your name.

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1955 Big Healey, 100, BN1

4. The Prestigious 1955 Big Healey 100

Location: Australia, Sydney

Our final feature is the venerable 1955 Big Healey 100, a model that radiates prestige and character. As one of the earliest representations of the Healey marque, it offers a unique window into the origins of British sports cars. Owning a piece of such foundational automotive history is a rare privilege. Could this be the vehicle that completes your collection? Explore its rich heritage and make it yours.

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A Note to Our Valued Readers

At A H Spares, while we take immense pride in presenting these timeless classics, we remind our readers that we do not partake in the sales transaction process between buyers and sellers. Our role is to connect passionate enthusiasts with the vehicles of their dreams. Each car's page is filled with detailed descriptions, specifications, and the rich history behind these models.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a part of automotive history. Each of these classics tells its own unique story, and they're just waiting for the right enthusiast to turn the next page. Dive deeper into the specifics, cherish the detailed images, and find out how you can make one of these dream cars your reality.


Listing your Healey on A H Spares is a breeze. Simply visit our dedicated Healeys for Sale page and follow the easy steps to create a captivating listing. Upload high-quality images, provide detailed specifications, and let the charm of your Healey shine through.

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