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Fuelled by Passion: The Excitement and Challenges of Winton 6-Hour Relay Race

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40
Winton 6-Hour Relay race - Austin Healey teams

The Austin Healey Owner's Club of Victoria took part in the Winton 6 Hour Relay on the 13-15th October, 2023. Despite rain both upon arrival and departure, the majority of the event took place under partially clear skies.

Two teams from our club, coordinated by Brian Froelich, Graeme Pallich, John Goodall, Rod Vogt, and Pearce Jackson, participated in the relay. Although it was their first time running in the relay, they put up a strong performance.

Regrettably, our A team faced multiple challenges throughout the day with mechanical failures leading to the withdrawal of most cars, and Peter Jackson, who had worked diligently to organise the A team, crashing in the practice session. Luckily, Peter escaped uninjured and continued to support his team.

Winton 6-hour relay

There were also many supporting figures who contributed significantly to our team's effort, including Enid Nankervis, Lorraine Newman, Russel Baker, and Rod Jellett. Their roles, ranging from providing refreshments to relieving the racers, were crucial to the overall functioning of the team.

After race meet

The event concluded on a positive note. Despite an initial announcement stating our team had finished 27th out of 28, Graeme Pallich, John Goodall, and Pearce Jackson successfully contested the error, and it was revealed that we finished in 7th place overall!

This experience brought out the strong camaraderie among our club members, from those participating in the race to those providing moral support. As the Club President, I look forward to our next venture in racing and hope we can maintain our enthusiasm and spirit. Thank you to everyone who was part of this memorable event.

Winton 6-hour relay Austin Healey maintenance
Winton 6-hour relay Austin Healey 286
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