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Find the Perfect Replacement Boot Locks For Your Austin Healey

Posted: Tuesday, 9 April 2024 @ 08:32

Give your Healey boot the TLC it deserves with a perfect-fitting lock!

The quest for perfection in restoring classic cars like the Austin Healey leads us to pay close attention to every detail, down to the boot lock. If you've been searching for the perfect replacement boot lock for your Austin Healey, your search ends here. Our newly revamped boot lock combines quality, functionality, and aesthetics to elevate your classic car restoration to the next level.

Austin Healey boot lock mechanism

Austin Healey boot lock | Part: BOT107

Experience Seamless Operation

This boot lid catch in action on a BT7, demonstrates how effortlessly it unlocks and securely clicks shut with minimal effort. This level of precision engineering ensures that your Austin Healey's boot operates as smoothly as a modern vehicle, providing both convenience and peace of mind.

Lock in the opportunity to secure your Austin Healey boot today!

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Crafted to Perfection

Inspired by the original parts, our commitment to re-tooling these boot locks from scratch was driven by a simple mission: to enable every Healey owner to enjoy the unmatched satisfaction of a perfectly closing boot lid. Made to our exacting standards, these parts guarantee durability, reliability, and an impeccable finish that complements the iconic aesthetic of your vehicle.

Austin Healey boot lock catch

Austin Healey boot lock striker plate | Part: BOT126

Austin Healey boot lock on an Austin Healey BT7

Why Choose Our Boot Locks?

  • Effortless Lock operation: Lock and unlock your boot with the same ease you'd expect from a modern car.

  • Solid Build & Perfect Finish: Engineered for both performance and aesthetics.

  • No Handle Play: Once locked, the handle stays firmly in place, ensuring security and peace of mind.

  • Faithful to Original Design: While our locks boast modern functionality, their design stays true to the classic Austin Healey aesthetic.

Shop Now and Restore Your Healey's Pristine Look!

Don't settle for a subpar boot closure. Invest in genuine quality with our BOT107, BOT126 & BOT127 parts and restore your Austin Healey's original charm.

Austin Healey boot lock

Boot Lock Assembly

Part: BOT107

OE Part: 14B1718

Application: BN1 - BJ8

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Boot lock striker plate

Striker Plate - Boot Lock

Part: BOT126

OE Part: 14B1719

Application: BN1 - BJ8

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Boot lock striker plate fixing set

Striker Fixing Plate Set - Set of 3

Part: BOT127

Made exclusively by A H Panels

Application: BN1 - BJ8

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Austin Healey boot handle

Handle Assembly - Boot Lid

Part: BOT105

OE Part: 14B1963

Application: BN1 - BJ8

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