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Ensure a Perfect Fit with Triplex Glass for Your Austin Healey

Posted: Tuesday, 9 April 2024 @ 08:30

Come rain or shine ensure you have a clear view ahead with our range of Triplex windscreen and door glass.

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Looking for replacement windscreen glass for your Austin Healey? Don't be tempted by the false economy of some aftermarket options. Poor fitting, incorrect curvature, and thinner glass are all common problems you'll encounter with cheap replacements. These issues can result in cracked and delaminated glass, putting your safety and enjoyment at risk!

Triplex Austin Healey windscreen

Invest in Quality, Invest in Peace of Mind!

Our windscreens are manufactured to the exact specifications of your Austin Healey model by the O.E. supplier. High-quality, thickened glass with the correct curvature are solely used for a perfect fit. This ensures optimum structural integrity and clarity, keeping you safe and on the road.

Get Triplex windscreen and door glass for your Austin Healey

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Windscreen glass on a Sprite

The Professional's Choice

Our commitment to quality is recognized by professional restoration experts worldwide. Many choose our windscreens and seal kits for their Austin Healey projects because they know A.H. Spares products are market leading..

A.H. Spares: Keeping Your Austin Healey Looking and Driving its Best

We are the professionals' preferred supplier of Austin Healey parts, and for good reason. Experience the difference quality makes. Contact A.H. Spares today for your Austin Healey windscreen glass needs.

Why settle for anything less than the best? Order your replacement glass today!

Austin Healey 100 screen glass

Screen Glass - Triplex Pilkington

Part: WSN101P

OE Part: 14B1862

Application: BN1 - BN2

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Austin Healey 100-Six screen glass

Screen Glass - Triplex Pilkington

Part: WSN103P

OE Part: 14B5891

Application: BN4 - BN7 & BT7

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Austin Healey 3000 screen glass

Screen Glass - Triplex Pilkington

Part: WSN105P

OE Part: AHB7188

Application: BJ7 - BJ8

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Austin Healey 3000 door glass - Right Hand

Door Glass - Right Hand - Triplex Pilkington

Part: WSN200P

OE Part: AHB9425

Application: BJ7 - BJ8

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Austin Healey 3000 door glass - Left Hand

Door Glass - Left Hand - Triplex Pilkington

Part: WSN201P

OE Part: AHB9426

Application: BJ7 - BJ8

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Sprite MK1 and MK2 screen glass

Screen Glass - Triplex Pilkington

Part: XWSN102P

OE Part: AHA5317

Application: MK1 HAN5.5476 & MK2

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