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Crating a Complete Austin Healey Inner Body Assembly

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

A H Spares Management team with complete Austin Healey BT7 centre-change inner body substructure in its custom made shipping crate.

Custom-Built Crate | Inner Body Assembly

How do you ship a large Austin Healey inner body assembly overseas? Use a large crate, a reliable courier service and us, A H Spares!

We had this custom-made crate built for us so we could securely package our recently assembled Austin Healey BT7 centre-change body assembly for transport to Hawaii.

General Manager Geoff Goddard standing with the large crate.

This is the largest crate we have ever commissioned to transport a complete body shell to a customer outside the UK.

Jason Askew guiding the inner body assembly while Ryan Boneham operates the fork lift truck

Jason Askew and Paul Askew guide the inner body assembly to its place in the crate.

We recently secured additional warehouse space next door to us, which will definitely come in useful as we crate up and ship more body shells.

Jonathan Hill and Paul Askew reviewing assembly placement in the crate

If you're looking to buy a complete inner body assembly for your next project, visit our Inner Body Assembly page on our website or contact our sales team by email or phone for more information.


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