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Complete Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Complete Austin Healey front disc brake conversion kit from A H Spares Ltd

Austin Healey Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Did you know you can convert the front brakes on your Austin Healey from drum to disc?

Not everyone is a fan of drum brakes and many choose to convert to disc brakes because they are more effective and generally last longer.

We offer complete front disc brake conversion kits for Austin Healey models BN1 to BN6 with wire wheels!

Disc brake calipers for Austin Healey front brakes

Our kits consist of all parts needed to convert your Austin Healey from drum brakes to disc brakes.

Unlike others on the market, these are complete kits with all the components required to convert to disc brakes.

Buy from us so you know that every item you require for the installation is provided in this kit!

Green Stuff brake pads for Austin Healey front brakes

We also supply an EBC front disc conversion with drilled and grooved brake discs and "Green Stuff" brake pads for extra performance!

Order your disc brake conversion kit today!

BN1: Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit: BRK100A

BN2 - BN6: Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit: BRK100B

BN2 - BN6: Front EBC Disc Brake Conversion Kit: BRK100C

These kits are suitable for any Austin Healey with wire wheels and drum front brakes.

Green Stuff brake pads for Austin Healey front brakes

4-Pot Aluminium Caliper Upgrage Kit

Although these 4 pot aluminium Austin-Healey caliper upgrade kits are an exceptionally worthwhile improvement for fast road or hill climb Healeys, they are also an extremely good idea for standard road going cars.

Green Stuff brake pads for Austin Healey front brakes

They dramatically reduce the stopping distance keeping you and your car safer from accidents. Modern cars with modern braking systems stop a lot quicker than an Austin Healey; these 4 pot calipers reduce the stopping distance and due to the vast weight saving compared to the Girling calipers, the steering is lighter and the car's handling is improved.

Type 14 4-Pot Calipers: BRK400

Type 16 4-Pot Calipers: BRK410


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