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Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Revotec Austin Healey cooling fans

Keep Your Car Cool All Summer Long!

As temperatures climb, don't let your car suffer in the summer heat. Invest in the Revotec fan kit and the Austin Healey cold air trunking from A H Spares - ideal for Austin Healey owners - to ensure your vehicle has the necessary airflow, improved cooling, and an extended engine life.

Original Design Cold Air Trunking

Austin Healey cold air trunking original design

Created with attention to detail, our Austin Healey heater trunking is designed with an ideal inner diameter and includes a reinforced aluminium-paper composite hose with precisely spaced ribs and a deep charcoal finish. With unrivalled durability and a strong build, this superior quality product promises lasting endurance and a timeless, genuine look.

Austin Healey cold air trunking original design
Sprite Revotect fan kit

Benefits of A H Spares' Cold Air Trunking:

  • True to the Original - Have complete peace of mind when replacing or upgrading your vehicle's trunking. A.H. Spares have commissioned the production of a trunking that looks and performs exactly like the original.
  • Heavy-Duty - You can expect a strong product that won't collapse easily; giving you assurance of longevity and an original appearance.
  • Built to Last - Our new Austin Healey heater trunking is made from high quality materials, so you can enjoy superior performance with every drive.

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Revotec Fan & Fitting Kit

Big Healey Revotec fan kit
Revotec Fan & Fitting Kit for Big Healey BN1 - BJ8
Sprite Revotect fan kit
Also Available for Sprite/Midget MK1 - MK4

Perfect for the Austin Healey, the Revotec Fan Kit features a lightweight, sturdy build and adjustable fan control, allowing you to regulate fan speed and get the best cooling performance out of your engine.

What really makes this fan kit stand out, though, is the convenience of its installation - everything you need to get it up and running, including the wiring, relay, fuse holder and instructions, is provided in the installation kit. So you can enjoy the advantages right away with no hassle.


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