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Austin Healey Air Filters

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Austin Healey air filter | Close up

Changing the air filters during regular maintenance helps the health of your Healey by keeping dirt out of your engine.

Our range of air filters include the stainless steel and painted metal filters as well as the Burgess wet-type filters manufactured by A H Panels, and Pipercross filters for high performance!

Air Filters | Tri-Carb

Austin Healey BN4-BJ7 air filter

Front & Centre | Painted: FUL257

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Rear | Painted: FUL258

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Front & Centre | Stainless Steel: FUL257S

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Rear | Stainless Steel: FUL258S

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Air Filters | BN4 - BJ7

Austin Healey rear tri-carb air filter

Front | Painted: FUL259

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Rear | Painted: FUL260

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Front | Stainless Steel: FUL259S

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Rear | Stainless Steel: FUL260S

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Air Filters | BJ8

Austin Healey BJ8 air filter

Front | Painted: FUL261

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Rear | Painted: FUL262

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Front | Stainless Steel: FUL261S

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Rear | Stainless Steel: FUL262S

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Burgess Wet-Type Air Filters | BN1 - BN4

Burgess wet-type air filter with non-standard air filter element.

Front | Without Breather Pipe: FUL250

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Rear | With Breather Pipe: FUL251

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Replacement Air Filter Element: FUL254

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Pipercross Performance Air Filters

Pipercross Performance Austin Healey air filter and cleaning kit.

An extremely worthwhile upgrade!

These Pipercross competition air filters offer the ultimate in engine filtration and are designed for people who demand the very best from their engine.

All filters in the Pipercross range can be used for both road and competition use.

The filter element is produced in triple layer competition-laminated foam and is available as a complete, easy-to-fit kit!

Tri-Carb | HS4: FUL263

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BN4 - BJ7 | HD6 + HS6: FUL264

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The Pipercross cleaning kit, contains all you need to clean and recharge your filter with the dirt-retention additive. Both the cleaner and retention additive are supplied in convenient dispensers so that servicing is quick and easy.

Pipercross Cleaning Kit: FUL265

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