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The Resurrection of Luci: An Austin Healey's Amazing Restoration Journey

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40

There’s something timeless about a classic car cruising down the road. As though carrying stories from yesteryears, these metallic beauties make you stop and admire. Such is the tale of "Luci," a pristine, 1963 BJ7 model Austin Healey, brought back to her shining glory after decades under the harsh sun of Phoenix, Arizona.

"Luci" on the April 2022 page of the Austin Healey calendar

Her heart-stopping restoration journey that spanned over three years has made her one of the lucky Healey’s to escape the fate of deterioration, and, guess what, the fabulous comeback even earned her a spot in a prestigious Austin Healey Calendar, featuring on the vibrant April 2022 page. Exciting, isn't it?

Luci restoration, before and after comparison

Austin Healey BJ7 "Luci" before restoration

A Phoenix Rising

The folks at Healey Lane Restoration, Oregon were the miracle workers behind Luci's makeover, delivering outstanding craftsmanship with numerous personal touches, that truly allowed her authentic beauty to shine through once again. Their profound commitment and attention to detail truly speaks volumes about the passion they pour into their work, setting the standard for other Austin Healey restoration projects.

As a fellow Austin Healey enthusiast, Robert could not contain his delight, eager to put many more miles on Luci’s revitalised speedometer. There’s just something incredibly thrilling about resurrecting a once forlorn vehicle to its former glory, and Robert's enthusiasm will resonate with any classic car enthusiast, especially those passionate about iconic British models like Austin Healey.

Now, Robert and Luci are always ready for the next thrilling drive. Each ride not only breathes life into Luci but also gives a renewed sense of exhilaration to Robert. Imagine being able to create this narrative with your very own Austin Healey.

Start Your Restoration Journey

Now, you may be wondering, How can I start my own restoration journey? Or perhaps, you're inspired to give your classic Healey a much-needed revamp. Fear not, fellow Healey lover! You’re only a few steps away from turning your restoration dream into reality.

Do you fancy an impressive revamp for your own vintage Austin Healey? Shop for your Healey parts here. Don't hesitate to plunge into your very own rewarding restoration project, to experience the magic of witnessing a classic return to life.

Looking for some extra parts or specific customisations for your Austin Healey? Explore our vast range of quality Big Healey and Sprite parts, and start bringing your classic back to its original glory. And if you're struggling with where to begin, reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Austin Healey BJ7 "Luci" restored interior

Luci's story is one of renewal, revamping a beauty that stood the test of time. Remember, no Healey should be left to just sit and collect dust, especially when it could be catching the admiring eyes of passersby instead.

So, are you ready to take the leap? It’s your time to let your beloved Healey shine and add an enchanting chapter to your life, just like Luci and Robert! .

So there you have it! Our salute to Robert, Luci, and to all Austin Healey owners embarking on their own restoration journeys. The road might be long and filled with hurdles, but it’s the ultimate labour of love. After all, restoring a classic is like giving a second life to a masterpiece, don't you think?

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