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Upgrade Your Austin Healey's Ride with Adjustable Shock Absorber Valves

Posted: Monday, 24 June 2024 @ 14:03

Transform Your Healey's Handling

Love your Austin Healey, but wish the ride was a little smoother or stiffer depending on your driving style? You're not alone. Classic Healeys have lever arm dampers with a fixed stiffness. But there's a way to take control!

Adjustable shock absorber valve

Introducing Adjustable Shock Absorber Valves

These innovative valves are designed to work with your existing lever arm dampers. Think of them as tiny adjusters that control how much oil flows through the damper, directly affecting ride feel.

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Adjustable shock absorber valvue pin

How Adjustable Valves Work

These valves act like tiny adjusters for your car's lever arm dampers. By controlling the flow of oil, they allow you to customize the damper's stiffness, impacting how your car handles bumps and corners.

Benefits of Adjustable Valves

  • Smoother Ride: Reduce excessive bouncing and enjoy a more comfortable ride on uneven roads.

  • Enhanced Handling: Fine-tune your car's handling for improved cornering and overall control.

  • High-End Performance: The included shim stack provides smoother stiffness adjustments, similar to what you'd find in high-performance racing dampers.
Adjustable pin instructions

Finding Your Perfect Setting:

The valves come with a handy needle tool for easy adjustments. Simply turn the adjustment bolt to control the oil bypass:

  • Fully Left (Anti-Clockwise): Softest setting (more oil bypass)

  • Fully Right (Clockwise): Stiffest setting (less oil bypass)

  • Starting Point: Try setting the valve halfway for a balanced baseline.

Experience a Smoother Drive!

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Enhanced Performance with Shim Stacks

These valves boast a feature typically found in high-end racing dampers - a shim stack. This ensures a smoother transition in stiffness compared to the original fixed setup. The result? A more enjoyable driving experience for you and your Healey!

Adjustable valve for Austin Healey shock absorber

Unleash the Potential of Your Classic

A small adjustment can make a world of difference. Take control of your Austin Healey's handling and rediscover the joy of the drive with our adjustable shock absorber valves.

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