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Unveiling Perfection: A H Spares' Precision-Crafted Austin Healey Bumpers & Over-Riders

Posted: Thursday, 4 April 2024 @ 16:04

Reviving the Classic Glory

In the realm of classic car restoration, authenticity and precision aren't just desired; they're demanded. Enter the realm of A H Spares, the only Austin Healey parts specialist globally that's gone to great lengths to ensure your restoration project not only looks impeccable but stands true to the original engineering brilliance of the iconic Austin Healey. We're talking about the gems in their extensive parts collection – the meticulously crafted bumpers and over-riders.

Welding Austin Healey bumper at A H Panels

Austin Healey 6-cylinder bumper over-rider

A Quest for Authenticity

The development of the bumpers and over-riders wasn't a walk in the park. It took an extensive journey of research, involving sifting through archives, analysing the original Austin Healey parts down to their core essence, and ensuring no stone was left unturned locating new old stock (NOS) samples. A H Spares' dedication led to the creation of CAD models, which then transitioned into precise CNC machined press tooling and 5 axis laser cutting programmes.

The result? Bumpers and Over-riders with an impeccable profile, mirroring the original design with an unerring accuracy.

Comparing off-brand, original and A H Spares Austin Healey bumper over-riders

Closer to Perfection

Our company prides itself on its unparalleled attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the exact replication of original parts. This includes our bumper over-riders, which are no exception to our high standards.

Unlike inferior after-market replicas that often fail to accurately match the contours of the original over-rider, our reproductions are meticulously crafted from authentic parts, ensuring an exact match every time.


Front & Rear Bumpers for BN1 - BN2

Austin Healey Front Bumper BN1 - BN2
Ausitn Healey bumper over-rider chrome

Features include:

  • Pressed in one piece as per the original factory specifications.
  • Correct profile including the flat top, flat bottom and over-rider to bumper.
  • Original definition of centre groove and sides.
  • Triple chrome plated for long lasting deep lustre.
  • Completely manufactured and chrome plated in the UK.
  • Industry-leading quality and unrivalled authenticity.
  • Painted silver on the inside, just like the original over-riders.
Bumper and over-riders on an Austin Healey 3000

Why Precision Matters

For enthusiasts and professional restorers of Austin Healeys, the introduction of these bumpers and over-riders marks a pivotal moment. It's not just about the aesthetic appeal; it's about restoring a piece of history with parts that resonate with the car's soul.

The use of CAD and CNC ensures that each over-rider is crafted with precision, resulting in a perfect fit and a flawless look, keeping your Healey's heritage alive.

3-Axis Laser Cutting

Our front bumper over-riders are meticulously crafted using computer-guided laser cutting techniques, utilising precise measurements taken directly from the original parts.

Front & Rear Bumpers for BN4 - BJ8

Austin Healey fron bumper

Join the Restoration Renaissance

Whether you're knee-deep in a restoration project or simply giving your pride and joy a needed refresh, A H Spares' bumpers & over-riders are your beacon of authenticity. These parts are more than just components; they're a testament to A H Spares' commitment to preserving automotive history through unparalleled precision and quality.

That is why the professional Healey restorers preferred preference for their spares is A.H. Spares. We are the professional’s choice!

Embrace the authenticity, precision, and quality that your Austin Healey deserves. Your journey to restoration excellence starts with A.H. Spares!

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