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Photo Guidelines

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It is very important the photo(s) you provide of your Healey to be listed on our site are clear and free of clutter. The perfect photo will be of your Healey, taken outside with very little in the background and nothing in front of it.

Perfect photo

Here are some tips to help you take the best possible photo.

Acceptable photo

  • Make sure your Healey is in the middle of the frame and that no part is cropped.
  • It is important your subject is in focus as a blurred image is not usable.
  • Your Healey needs to be clear in the frame with nothing obstructing it.
  • Only a high resolution photo will be accepted.
  • Modern cameras and even the camera in your smart device will automatically adjust to the correct settings to give you the best possible photo.

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Examples of Bad Photos

badly cropped photo
Badly cropped/framed.

blurred photo
Out of focus.

cluttered photo
Too cluttered.

low resolution
Poor image resolution.

over exposed photo

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