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Unmatched Quality in Austin-Healey Over-Riders

Posted: Tuesday, 11 June 2024 @ 14:33

Unveiling Perfection: A.H. Spares - Precision Crafted Austin-Healey Over-Riders

In the world of classic car restoration, authenticity is king. When it comes to bringing your Austin Healey back to its original glory, settling for anything less than perfect is not an option. This is where we shine, providing an unparalleled solution with our precision-crafted bumper over-riders.

Brand new Austin Healey front bumper and bumper over-riders

Over-Rider - includes bolt & seal - Premium British Chrome

Unmatched Authenticity for Your Healey

The journey to recreate the iconic bumper over-riders was no small feat. Through extensive research, analysis of original parts, and employing cutting-edge CAD models and CNC machining, we produced over-riders that boast an impressive accuracy to the originals.

Unlike subpar replicas on the market, these parts promise a flawless fit and appearance that's true to your Healey's heritage.

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Attention to Detail That Stands Out

Every over-rider from A.H. Spares is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that we are known for. The use of computer-guided laser cutting techniques and measurements from authentic parts ensures that each piece is not only visually perfect but fits as if it were an original component.

This dedication to precision protects the soul of your Austin Healey, preserving its history and beauty for years to come.

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Manufactured with Unwavering Quality Control

Perhaps the most significant advantage of our over-riders is that they are manufactured exclusively for us by our very own panel shop, A.H. Panels. This close collaboration gives us complete control over the entire manufacturing process, from the initial tooling to the final product.

A.H. Panels employs rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production to ensure that each over-rider meets our exacting standards and delivers an unparalleled level of authenticity for your Austin-Healey restoration.

The A.H. Spares Difference: Accuracy You Can Trust

Our over-riders are meticulously recreated to ensure an exact match to the originals. We use precise measurements and top-quality materials to deliver a product that's indistinguishable from the parts that rolled off the production line decades ago.

Here's what sets A.H. Spares over-riders apart:

  • Made using new tooling: We don't rely on worn-out molds or imprecise replicas. Our new tooling guarantees a perfect fit and finish.
  • Original specifications: Ours are the only over-riders in the market crafted to the exact specifications from the original Austin-Healey.
  • Triple chrome plated: For a long-lasting shine that will make your Austin-Healey gleam.
  • The only company offering authentic reproductions: A.H. Spares is the sole source for these precision-crafted over-riders.

Comparison image showing an off-brand over-rider, and original over-rider and an accurate reproduction over-rider from A H Spares

Restore Your Austin-Healey to Perfection

Don't settle for second-rate parts. When it comes to restoring your Austin-Healey, trust A.H. Spares to provide the authenticity and quality you deserve.

Order your Austin Healey bumper over-riders from A H Spares today!

Over-Rider for Austin Healey series BN1 and BN2

Part: BMP120P

O.E. Number: 1B8784

Application: BN1 - BN2

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Over-Rider for Austin Healey series BN4 to BJ8

Part: BMP121P

O.E. Number: 11B5308

Application: BN4 - BJ8

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