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CSI-PRO Ignition Distributor - Programmable - no vac unit

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CSI-PRO Ignition Distributor - Programmable - no vac unit
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CSI-PRO - Programable Version

The CSI Pro Ignition is a customisable distributor that caters to classic car owners. With this device, you can easily modify and programme the advance curves to your liking while the engine is still in operation. However, it is important to note that to use this product, you will need either the CSI-PRO-BLUE (for iOS/Android) or the CSI-PRO-USB (for Windows) programming module/cable.

Furthermore, the CSI Pro Ignition comes equipped with two selectable modes that can be programmed to your specifications, with individual RPM and vacuum curves for each mode.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the device also includes several other customisable settings, such as a speed limiter, maximum total advance, and minimum RPM threshold for activating the vacuum advance.

The CSI-PRO-Ignition offers a unique opportunity to adjust curves and settings for the distributor whilst the engine is in operation. This feature enables any modifications to take effect instantly, without the need to turn the distributor. In addition, the static setting, which normally has an offset of 0 degrees, can be adjusted in increments of 1 degree in either a positive or negative direction, up to a maximum of 10 degrees.

Another impressive feature of this ignition system is the inclusion of an acceleration timer. This tool allows for the measurement and comparison of the engine's efficiency by calculating the time it takes to reach two predetermined speeds. Additionally, there is an external switch provided that enables easy switching between two modes of operation.

With its numerous features and flexibility, the CSI-PRO-Ignition is a top choice for those looking to optimise the performance of their engines. Its ability to make instant modifications and its convenient external switch make it a must-have for any serious car enthusiast.

Key Features

  • Create and adapt engine curves in real-time whilst the engine is functioning.
  • Designed with two changeable preset modes to effortlessly flip between curve parameters and other configurations.
  • Features the visual vacuum impact through a total advance gauge for efficient operation.
  • Empowered by easy connectivity with the USB module suitable for Windows users, also enabling Bluetooth wireless connectivity for Android and iOS devices.
  • In-built smartphone immobiliser functionality.
  • Showcases Smith’s style Dashboard for displaying live data for informed decision-making.

23D4 Body, Dual Polarity, Fully programmable

BN1 - BN2
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