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We utilise a range of modern technologies and manufacturing processes to ensure the final product is produced exactly to your specifications.

English wheel, stretching sheet of aluminium.


Highly skilled craftsman wheeling panels manufactured in steel & aluminium.

Jig chasing

Jig Chasing

Forming sections from a flat sheet using jigs and tooling to manufacture a replica panel.

Welding aluminium Austin Healey front shroud sections.

MIG & TIG Welding

Complete MIG and TIG welding service, working with aluminium and steel.

Man operating press brake at A H Panels.

Press Brake

Manufacturing of low volume brackets & assemblies.

Rolling machine rolling out brass Jaguar strips.

Roll Forming

Forming and shaping blank brass, copper and stainless steel strips.

Spot welding.

Spot Welding

Quick fusing of panels and metal sections.

Fly pressing

Fly Pressing

Louvering aluminium and steel sheet metal.

Metal polishing


Painting mild steel panels to protect against corrosion during storage.

Other Services

Press machine.


Using Hydraulic & Mechanical Presses to manufacture Aluminium & Steel pressed Panels.

Laser cutting.

Laser Cutting

Precision Laser cutting from in Aluminium & Steel producing consistent & accurate quality parts.



Machining including drilling and counter-sinking.

Chrome plating

Chrome Plating

Electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto metal for a mirror finish.

Powder coating

Powder Coating

A polymer power coating is applied then heated and cured for a clean and professional finish.

Heat treating.

Heat Treatment

Material is heat treated so malleable allowing the material to be formed.

Zinc plating.

Zinc Plating

Application of a zinc coating to iron or steel to prevent rusting.

Metal polishing


Using an abrasive and work wheel to smooth a metal surface to a shiny finish.


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