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Limited Edition Healey Books

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Ford Fiesta by Healey and The Last Healey at Le Mans

Due to unexpectedly high demand after our last newsletter, we were able to obtain a few more limited edition Healey books by David G. Matthews!

A fantastic Christmas gift for the Healey enthusiast in your life, (or for yourself if you prefer).

Just as before, these books are likely to go quickly so contact our sales team now to order your copy!

Limited Edition!

A detailed insight into the profiles of the people involved in Donald Healey's last attempt at Le Mans, and a comprehensive look at the forgotten Ford Fiesta and Ford Escort by Healey!

If you're a motor history buff then these limited edition books by David G. Matthews are the perfect addition to your collection!

"From Gullwing to Spyder - The Last Healey at Le Mans"

The Last Healey at Le Mans

After 35 years of research, David Matthews has released the first of two volumes on the last Healey at Le Mans. Having worked in the service department of the Donald Healey Motor Company, he has been able to contact and keep in touch with many of the staff and drivers involved in this project.

Volume 1: The Participants covers the SR2/XR37 and all the staff involved in the project. This includes the four main drivers at Le Mans, the design draftsmen, the experimental foreman, the senior mechanic and engineers, the body formers, welders and the assemblers; 17 people in total!

The Last Healey at Le Mans

What a great record and presented with such detail and first hand input from those involved. - Joe Armour

Volume 2: Circuit De La Sarthe & After 1970 (to be released later this year) will cover the projects in detail and each of the three races in which they participated from 1968 to 1970, as well as the subsequent history of the car.

"Ford Fiesta By Healey HF-001 & Escort by Healey"

Ford Fiesta by Healey

The second edition of David Matthew's book, Ford Fiesta by Healey covers the story of the last two Ford/Healey associated cars in conjunction with Ford USA and Ford Europe.

The book has a gallery of black & white and full-colour photos as well as copies of publications about the cars.

Ford Fiesta by Healey

Limited Number Available!

Get your copy for £75 each.

(No VAT!)

Only a very small number of these limited edition books available to buy so contact our sales team and order your copy today!


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