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Leak-Proof Frogeye Tanks: Elegant Fixes at Reduced Prices!

Posted: Tuesday, 14 May 2024 @ 11:17

Elevate Your Classic Car with Our New Frogeye Petrol Tank

We are excited to present to Austin Healey Sprite owners the latest enhancement in our extensive catalogue of top-tier products: the newly refined Frogeye petrol tank.

Acknowledging the critical role of authenticity and resilience in the conservation of classic automobiles, we are thrilled to provide an advanced option that surpasses traditional expectations. Our fuel tank, featuring corrosion-proof powder coating, is now accessible at a reduced cost, maintaining the superior quality and endurance expected by our customers. Equipped with a flawless seam-welded structure and an updated drainage feature, this Frogeye petrol tank stands as an ideal upgrade for any devoted classic car aficionado.

Frogeye petrol tank from A H Spares

Unveiling the Enhanced Frogeye Petrol Tank

We're thrilled to announce the updated Frogeye petrol tank, now at a better price. This model combines the classic look with modern durability and efficiency, perfect for keeping your Sprite in top shape. It features a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring long-lasting quality.

With a new drain boss, it's easier to manage fuel and maintain your car. This tank is a must-have for Sprite enthusiasts seeking quality and innovation.

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Frogeye petrol tank drain boss feature

Introducing the New Drain Boss Feature

Enhancing how easily you can look after your Frogeye's petrol system, our new drain boss upgrade on the Frogeye fuel tank shows A H Spares' focus on useful improvements and simpler maintenance.

With the aim of making fuel draining straightforward, the drain boss means quicker and safer fuel management, keeping your car's fuel system in top condition. At a time when keeping classic cars prime is key, this feature highlights our pledge to provide top-notch care for every aspect of classic car upkeep with attention to detail and forward-thinking.

Austin Healey Sprite MK1 Frogeye petrol tank

New and improved Frogeye petrol tank from A H Spares

Roger Moment's BN1 parked inside A H Spares

Correct O.E. filler neck tube

The Advantages of Draining Fuel for Winter Storage

Getting your classic car winter-ready is crucial and involves key steps, especially emptying your fuel tank, which is critical. The fuel we use today often contains ethanol, which pulls in moisture over time. This can be bad news during winter storage, leading to corrosion in your car's fuel tank and pipes. Such corrosion can damage these parts and affect your car’s performance and reliability.

Additionally, fuel can degrade and thicken over the months it sits, causing issues like clogged carburettors and fuel lines, making it tough for your engine to run smoothly. Draining the tank before you tuck your car away for winter can help you avoid these problems, keeping moisture out and preventing clogs.

Taking this step means that when spring rolls around, your classic will be ready to hit the road without any of the winter storage woes. This careful maintenance keeps classic cars in top shape, echoing A H Spares’ commitment to preserving automotive history with top-notch care and innovation.

Vintage Shell petrol pump

Sprite MK1 petrol tank close up

Corrosion Resistance: A Closer Look

Keeping your Austin Healey in prime condition means fighting rust, particularly in important parts like the fuel tank. Our newly designed Frogeye petrol tank leads this effort, blending old-style charm with new technology for strong rust protection. It has a special coating that's much better at stopping rust, helping your car's fuel system stay clean and work well over many miles.

This isn't just regular paint. It's a carefully made barrier made of powdered pigments and polymers that are electrostatically applied to the tank, which is then cured in an oven to create a flawless finish. It offers superior durability and resistance the harsh effects of weather and rust, which is really important for classic cars like the Austin Healey.

Such protection is key to keeping the car working well and lasting a long time. A tank without rust means fuel gets to the engine cleanly and efficiently, keeping the car running well and preserving its heritage. With this advanced rust-protection feature, A H Spares shows its strong commitment to keeping classic cars at their best, making sure every drive is as memorable as the car itself.

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The Importance of Leak-Free Seam Welded Pressings

In the realm of classic car upkeep, the focus on preserving every bit of the original craftsmanship is paramount. This belief shines through in the work done on our Frogeye petrol tanks, crafted to prevent any leaks with their seamless welded edges. It's not just an extra feature; it embodies our dedication to top-notch quality and ensuring these historical vehicles remain in prime condition.

By employing such detailed manufacturing techniques for our Frogeye petrol tanks, we at A H Spares commit to the highest quality standards, supporting classic car lovers in keeping their cherished vehicles in excellent running order. This practice not only highlights our commitment to excellence but also our dedication to the preservation of motoring history, ensuring every drive is safe, enjoyable, and true to the original experience.

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