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Pound Plummets To Lowest Levels Ever

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Take Advantage Now!

The falling pound means a valuable opportunity for our overseas customers, so buy now and benefit from the drop in the exchange rate.

In recent days, we have seen the Sterling fall to its lowest ever level, sending shockwaves through the currency markets. The Pound to Euro exchange rate fell to 1.1144 whilst the Pound to Dollar rate fell to 1.0657.

With the Pound plummeting, this means our parts are even better value for money.

Why not see for yourself!

Our 6 cylinder Rocker Cover (ENG736) is £159.50. With the exchange rate currently, this would mean they cost €178.77 or $173.19.

The bonnet badges for the MKII & MKIII Big Healeys (BAD108 & BAD110) are £162.65. With the current exchange rate, you can purchase them for €182.20 or $176.61.

N.B Please note the exchange rate is constantly changing and these prices are based on today’s rate.

Contact us now for all your Austin Healey requirements and gain from this rare exchange rate opportunity.  

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