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Enjoy Reliable Performance with a Perfect-Fit Austin Healey Fan Belt

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40

Austin Healey 100 fan belt

Long-Lasting Fan Belt Confidence For Your Austin Healey

Is your fan belt not the correct V-shape or 3⁄4" width? You're not alone! This can cause serious issues like belt slip, excessive noise, and premature wearing. The worst part? It could lead to your engine overheating and possible failure.

Austin Healey 100 fan belt

For years, it was difficult - if not impossible - to source a fan belt with the correct size and shape. After a long worldwide search turned up nothing, we made a decision.

If You Want Something Done Right...

We were determined to find a solution so we created our own tooling based on the original fan belt size and shape specifications and had over a thousand belts made!

Austin Healey fan belt correct width.

Featured Benefits

  • Get the Correct Width - Say goodbye to the problems caused by fan belts that are too narrow with our correct 3⁄4 width fan belt designed for Austin Healey 100 cars.
  • Improved Functionality - Benefit from a more reliable and smoother running engine with our correctly fitting V-shape fan belt.
  • O.E. Quality - Rest assured you are getting the highest quality and accuracy with our correct O.E. reproduction fan belts.


Keep Your Austin Healey Running Smoothly

We're happy to say our Austin Healey 100 fan belts passed all quality and fit tests, and for the past year, we've supplied them with no reported issues!

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