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Complete Austin Healey Chassis

Posted: Thursday, 14 September 2023 @ 08:19

Complete Austin-Healey Chassis Now Available!

The Austin-Healey is a staple of the golden years of British motoring since they were first produced in 1953.

Even with the most devoted care, 65 years will take its toll on the most important structure of your Healey; the chassis. A build-up of rust inside the box sections will weaken the chassis, causing poor panel fit, scuttle shake and body flexing.

Austin Healey 100 project car before restoration at A.H. Spares.

Restoring your Austin-Healey from the ground up may seem like a daunting task, especially when you've stripped the body down to the bare frame and need to decide if the current chassis will take the punishment of another 65 years on the road. You don't want all that time and proverbial blood sweat and tears you've pour into your restoration to become a depressing waste if the existing chassis suffers a critical failure!

Investing in our new complete Austin-Healey chassis will not only give you the peace of mind that all your hard work will last, the thicker members add extra strength to the whole structure that is based on the original factory dimensions.

Made in the UK!

Complete Austin-Healey chassis for BN 1 and BN 2 models.

Part Number: IBP405

Application: BN1 - BN2
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Our complete Austin-Healey chassis will give your car a new lease of life and ensure it remains roadworthy for another 65 years!

Complete Austin-Healey chassis for BN 4 to early BJ 8 models.

Part Number: IBP410

Application: BN4 - BJ8 (Early)
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Supplied using MK3 type outriggers for increased exhaust clearance!

Why choose our complete Austin-Healey chassis?

  • Chassis legs are pressed into one piece as originals.
  • Over two years in development.
  • All main members increased in thickness to 2mm.
  • Original factory dimensions using computerised laser cut and pressed sections.
  • Supplied using MK3 type outriggers for increased exhaust clearance but can be the original pattern if preferred.
  • Includes inner sills and main floor pans.

Complete Austin-Healey chassis for late BN 8models.

Part Number: IBP415

Application: BJ8 (Late)
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Black Austin Healey 100 at A.H. Spares Ltd.


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