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Bevelled Headlamp Gaskets For Your Healey 100

Posted: Thursday, 28 September 2023 @ 09:13
Austin Healey 100 gasket with ridge

Get the Austin Healey 100 Headlamp Gasket with Bevelled Edge - The Unsightly Gap Solution!

Headlamp gasket close up

Have you ever installed a headlamp gasket, only to find an unsightly gap that completely ruined the overall aesthetic of your Healey?

The installation process of flat edge gaskets can be a source of great frustration for many individuals, mainly because they frequently fail to align properly with the contours and shape of both your wing/shroud and chrome light rim.


Imagine a perfectly installed headlamp gasket that fits seamlessly with your car's design. No gaps, no frustration, just a beautiful and functional headlamp.

That's what our Headlamp Gasket with a Bevelled Edge offers. Specifically designed for late BN1 and early BN2's, our gaskets have a bevelled edge to fit the contour of your wing/shroud and chrome light rim. Plus, you can choose from our 3 adjustable types for the perfect fit. Get the O.E. styled headlamp gasket that you and your car deserve.

Bevelled headlamp gasket as seen on an Austin Healey 100

For an aesthetically pleasing finish, these O.E. headlamp gaskets have been crafted with a bevelled edge to complement the curvature of the wing/shroud and chrome light rim.

Not only does this gasket perfectly fit the contour of your wing/shroud and chrome light rim, but it also has a beautiful bevelled edge to give your car a sleek and polished look. This gasket was originally found on the late BN1 and early BN2's, and many Healey 100 owners choose this bevelled version over flat edge gaskets due to the unsightly gaps left by the latter.

Headlamp gasket close up


  • Get that O.E. Look - No one wants a mismatched car. Austin Healey 100 Headlamp Gaskets with Bevelled Edge make sure your car has that O.E. look every time.

  • Reliable Fitting - Designed for reliable installation to protect your headlamps from external elements.

  • Unsightly Gap Solution - Not only does this gasket get the job done, but its bevelled edge also ensures satisfyingly smooth contours from the headlamp to the body.

Don't settle for less, choose the correct bevelled type headlamp gasket for your Healey 100 and elevate its appearance!

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