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A H Spares Starts Manufacturing Off New Tooling

Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2024 @ 12:40

As a company involved in Austin-Healey’s since 1972, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding Austin-Healey body panels and the difficulties in sourcing them.

We are continuing to invest in A H Panels by working through our tooling and jigs, ensuring all are correct so products are produced to the best quality. After scanning several original cars so CAD designs could be developed, we then commenced engineering our new range of tooling including the 3000 bonnet, rear shroud (with interchangeable sides so we can produce BJ7 & BJ8 from one tool) and for the 100/6 & 3000 front shroud.

We are pleased to announce that we are now manufacturing from the new tooling and the quality is far superior to previous batches using the old tools. A H Panels are now delivering to A H Spares the following new and improved body panels.

OBP192 REAR SHROUD-complete forBJ7-BJ8(B)76137

OBP193 REAR SHROUD-complete forBJ8(B)76138 ON

OBP175 FRONT SHROUD-complete for BN4-BT7

OBP176 FRONT SHROUD-complete for BJ7-BJ8(B)76137

OBP177 FRONT SHROUD-complete for BJ8(B)76138 ON

OBP253 BONNET, PLAIN-aluminium for BN6-BJ8

OBP255 BONNET, LOUVERED-aluminium for BN6-BJ8

All panels are expertly handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen using only the top-quality materials. Treat your Healey to the finest parts around whilst receiving exceptional customer service from our A H Spares team.

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